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I've committed the worst sin in the food world...

I have two pounds of bacon in my fridge. Both of them expired almost a month ago.

I love bacon, but the problem is I can eat it all in one sitting, so I try to resist it. Sometimes I give in and buy some (especially when it's on sale), and toss it in my fridge. I did really well resisting it this time! ...too well.

To be honest, I never realized bacon had an expiration date. Silly, I know, since it's meat, but I figured all the chemicals and preservatives probably kept it good forever. (I've likely eaten expired bacon before without realizing it.)

But now I know. My two wonderful pounds of bacon (my favorite brand of it, too!) are expired. Google didn't give me a good answer on if I should risk it or not. So I come to you, wonderful LJ friends!

The bacon has been in the fridge all this time. Both packages are unopened. They expired on 11/27, so it's currently three weeks over the date, but I likely wouldn't cook them until this weekend (though could make them tonight if pressed). I know expiration dates aren't set in stone, but this is meat... So, what would you do?

Poll #1885935 IT'S BACON!

Would you eat or toss this bacon?

Throw it out!
Eat it if it looks and smells okay
Eat it no matter how it smell -- IT'S BACON!
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