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Way to ruin a food blog...

I love reading food blogs. Cooking blogs, review blogs, anything food related. There's one I've been especially enjoying, he reviews lots of funky things from his local dollar store. Then I got to an entry about candy cigarettes. The post started with:

Candy cigarettes. The very concept gives bluenoses, anti-tobacco fanatics, and health nazis apoplectic convulsions of self-righteous rage and indignation. Back when I was a kid - before America decided to roll up its sleeves and get down to the serious business of turning its citizens into pussies - candy cigarettes were not only widely available, but were marketed using real cigarette brands and package art.

I... wait... what? None of his other posts have had this feel to it, at first I was sure it was a joke or a parody or something, but nope. Now suddenly reading his blog has a Rush Limbaughesque feel to it.

Yo parents! Stop raising pussies! Forget the candy cigarettes, give your kids real ones! This is AMERICA after all!

Edit: He also picked and ate mushrooms growing in his yard without knowing what they were. D: D: D: Do not do that, people! Even if you think you know what a mushroom is, there are many that look alike -- poisonous ones that look like safe ones!
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