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Hello to new friends and old!

I've been taking part in a few friending memes, so welcome to new people! I hope you'll enjoy having me on your friends list, but if not, feel free to remove me at any time. No hard feelings!

I've been on LJ more than ten years now, and my journal has evolved in that time. I used to write mostly about games I've played (FFX, FFXI, WoW), then I expanded into role playing/creative writing/fanfic, and now I post more about real life things and only now and then dabble back into older themes.

I'm a middle-aged white woman, a failing-but-never-giving-up cook, in a seemingly never-ending battle with my weight, and by profession a technical writer/editor.

I unofficially take part in 50bookchallenge (to read 50 books a year), but because of my lack of free time, I set my goal to 25 books per year instead.

I take great joy in posting wacky/strange/WTF?! images, sometimes sexual but never gory. They're always linked or behind a cut (never displayed outright) and I always use NWS warnings -- I read LJ at work and I know how important it is to have a work safe friends list.

It's a strange feeling to try to describe yourself to others; I haven't made a post like this before. I hope I'm succeeding at both fairly representing myself and making myself not seem like the most boring person on the planet! :)
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