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Two posts, one day!

Look! It's something meme-like! In my LJ! But it's funny, so this one I'll do.

Directions, taken from ilanarama: So there was this XKCD comic, which inspired the Up-Goer-Five Text Editor, which allows forces you to write using only the thousand most common English words. And now my friends are using it to rewrite their job descriptions. Bandwagon, jump, whee!

My job:

I write about very-very-not-stupid things for people who are a lot more not-stupid than me so they will know how to do those very-very-not-stupid things and give who I work for more money than most people would believe.

Also, when those very-very-not-stupid things don't work, sometimes I help people fix them. That is funny because they are a lot more not-stupid than I am. They fly into space and start fights between lands. I sit at a desk.


Leave yours in a comment or post to your own LJ! :)
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