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WTF Walking Dead.

Cutting to avoid spoilers for tonight (3/17)'s ep.

Can someone tell me how the governor survived? A mob of walkers before him, one behind him, in an enclosed space.

Did I miss something? Because if not, I'm really, really getting tired of having to overlook plot holes for the sake of the story.

I did have the oddest reaction when Andrea first opened the door on the walkers. I laughed loudly, like a screechy laugh, then bit my hand hard. It was a fear reaction, but I don't think I ever laughed out of fear before (let alone bit myself...). Sometimes I laugh after, at my reaction to an on-screen scare, but it's never a laugh in reaction to being scared. It's odd, because it wasn't even that scary of a moment.

Other than that one scene, the whole ep really didn't work for me. (Which, sadly, I'm saying a whole lot this season.)

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