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This plan may not work...

I want to buy a new car. I know the one I want. I have the money for it. I want to interact with sales people as little as possible. I very much don't want to have to try to haggle.

I had a plan.

I sent the same email to all the Toyota dealerships in this area, telling them I was sending it to them all, telling them exactly what I wanted, telling them I'd buy from the person who replied back with the best price.

They all sent me the same exact price listed on their website. One guy added "I am wondering if my quote was the low number you received. If not, please let me know what adjustments in my pricing need to be made to make the deal work for you.".

Sigh. That wasn't the point of this. I asked for your lowest price.

I looked into car brokers (who will do the haggling for you), but they seem expensive.

I suppose I can reply back to the dealer I want to go with (who is also the one with the lowest price and is closest to me) and say "some other dealer gave me [some price lower than his offer], if you can match that, you have a deal".

Someone else on my friends list did this (the emailing them all idea) and said it worked, so I wonder why it didn't for me.

Any other ideas on how to go about getting a new car without needing to beat a salesman at haggling? :/
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