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The end is near...

This is my third day of reading If You Are Prepared. Woke up this morning at 8-ish, got MUSH work out of the way, and have been reading ever since. About an hour ago, I noticed the chapter numbers were getting higher and higher. Teens. Mid-teens. High-teens.

As when I'm reading a great book, I'm starting to eye with sadness and dread how little is left to read. It's more than not wanting the story to be over, it's worry about what will be at the end of this long and wonderful trail.

I'm in the middle of chapter 16 (final part, three). Chapter 20 is the last one. I find my eyes lifting every few paragraphs -- they glance at the URL to confirm the chapter number. Though the math is easy to the point of effortless, I still find myself counting how many chapters are remaining.

I don't want the story to end.
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