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2010 books

Unfortunately I wasn't reviewing all the books I read, but these are my Amazon book reviews from 2010.

[Two of five stars] Not the worst book I've ever read..., July 15, 2010

I never thought I'd have to start a book review with this information, but here goes:

I'm liberal. I'm the most liberal person I know, and as I live in one of the most liberal places in America, that's saying something.

That being said, this book annoyed the hell out of me because of how preachy it was on pro-liberal subjects. I don't mean just a mention of an idea here and there, I mean page after page after page of lecturing the reader on a subject.

On top of that, some of the characters' actions were so very unrealistic. As other reviewers have mentioned: A woman gets raped. In the middle of it, she thinks to herself 'rape isn't about sex, it's about violence'. There's outright description of one body part being forced into another, and the writer decides to take a pause to bring that up to the reader?

I wanted to like this book, I really did. If the writer had taken out all the preachy political stuff I could have given it more stars and maybe not have counted the pages left until it was finished.

The other negative reviews are so dead-on, I won't waste space by listing all the other issues here as well. Read them for yourself.

[One of five stars] Not much use reading if you've read the other books..., June 19, 2010

I've read all the Warriors books (other than a few of the manga/comic ones). They're generally enjoyable, light, entertaining reading. Not classics, no, but entertaining, quick reads. This book was pretty much a waste. It had nothing new, just a retelling of all the battles we've seen before. The included "adventure game" was actually more entertaining reading than the book itself, which was a good thing as the game took up about a fifth of the book's pages...

Not many pages, large font, old stories. I'm sad to say you could skip this one and not miss out on anything.

[Five of five stars] Best book I've read since the last Vernor Vinge book I read, June 14, 2010

By mistake, I read this book out of order; I read A Deepness in the Sky first. I'm still not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, I think it really works in either order.

I loved his ideas for the aliens -- all of them, both the ones on the world and the ones in space. The plot was wonderful, so rich and sad.

For some reason, the Usenet aspect of the book really worked. Usenet is old, yet somehow he made it fit.

Highly, highly recommended. I can't wait for the next one in this series, Children of the Stars.

[Five of five stars] An outstanding book, June 1, 2010

I loved every page of this book. I loved all the characters. I loved the aliens. I loved every plot and twist to it.

A Deepness In The Sky was one of those books that I couldn't put down -- I went to bed late, I squeezed in ten minutes here and there to read a few more pages.

Highly recommended!

[One of five stars] To call the main character a Gary Sue would be giving him too much credit, April 15, 2010

If it weren't for the main character, I wouldn't be writing a review of this book, I'd just 'meh' at it and toss it in my To Donate book pile.

The main character, David Valentine, is the most amazing guy around. Loved by all, even by the alien who do some sort of *hand waving magic* process to certain people to make them better able to fight the other aliens. His commanding officers love him. He's the youngest guy to ever hold X rank. All of his subordinates love and respect him. Everyone loves him.

Why? Because he's just so darned perfect! He wins battle after battle, he endlessly wins over hostile people (who end up liking and respecting him, of course), it's just... gah! Every single chapter he's doing something else amazing or better than everyone else or saving everyone. The book reads like a really bad fanfic.

The title of this series is misleading. The Vampire Earth has no vampires. Not one. They're generic aliens (with a bunch of generic military guys fighting against them).

I was very, very surprised to see that this is a series of books. Why? Who could want more of this?

Note: I'm 190 pages into this. Other reviews say it gets better in the second half, so maybe it will... I'm not holding my breath though. You don't write 190 pages of crap and then suddenly improve.

[I got ripped apart for this review, but oddly it looks like most of the comments got deleted. There had been 40 or so comments attacking me, saying I must like Twilight, etc. There are only three left now, one by me.]

[Two of five stars] I really wanted to like this book..., February 13, 2010

I'm 120-something pages into this book and came to check the reviews to see if it gets any better. Like so many others, I'm a fan of Song of Fire and Ice, so I wanted to check out some of his other works.

This book puts me to sleep. I'm not a reader who needs explosions and action/adventure every second of a book, I enjoy slow, meandering stories as well, but the storyline thus far just seems so utterly pointless and I haven't yet run into one likable character.

As another reviewer said, the odd time jumps don't help matters at all. Suddenly the story jumped ten years ahead with no reason or warning. Things that happened during that time are casually mentioned, as if we were supposed to have known them already...

I rarely give up on a book, but I'm very tempted in this case. Instead of enjoying it, instead of sneaking in breaks here and there to read, I find myself doing other things so I don't have to go read. That's just the wrong effect for a book to have.

Edit: I did end up finishing the book. It improves a little. Still not worth spending your time on, in my opinion. There are so many good books out there, and for me personally my reading time is limited, so I'd rather put it towards something I enjoy instead of something I feel I have to get through.

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