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Book review policy (sticky post)

My current book review policy is behind the LJ cut.

I'm currently accepting books for review. I generally read fantasy, young adult, and science fiction, though those are far from the only things I read. I enjoy horror (though not gore) and gay erotica. I'm open to almost any genre, so long as the story is interesting and the writing is good.

If I accept a book, I can't promise that I'll review it. However, in the past couple years I've been reviewing 100% book I've read, so the chances are good that I will.

My reviews are honest. I do technical writing by profession, so things like typos and grammar mistakes bug the heck out of me. I love a nicely crafted sentence. For me, even a great story can be ruined by someone who writes like a child. That being said, I try to never be cruel in my reviews.

I review self-published book, but I don't review on a curve -- I hold self-published works to the same standard as traditionally-published ones.

I don't accept monetary payment for reviews.

Anything in this policy is subject to change at any time.

(Art by hamburger.)
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