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Typos and Game of Thrones

I often worry I'll make some innocent typo at work, but by chance it will look worse than just a typo. I was writing up some instructions for a command, insert_buffer. The G key is right next to the F though, and I typoed it insert_bugger (redundant!). Hopefully if I hadn't caught it, software people would think first of it being related to bugs and not, well, buggering (but luckily I caught it).

In the larger scale of things, I liked the style of the whole ep. A lot more time was spent on one storyline instead of frantic minute here and a minute there. I'd say I wished more eps were like this, but then we'd get 50 minutes of Jon Snow knowing nothing.

I swear, GoT is going to make me into a prude. I'm getting actively annoyed at all the female nudity and soft porn sex scenes. Male nudity? Bare chests and rarely butts. Female? Full frontal nudity, often repeatedly in the same ep, and more bare breasts than you could shake a tit at. Grump.

But! All that being said, I really, really liked this ep.

The Arya and the Hound scene, while brief, rocked. I really like him as a character (and I've always liked her).

Dany annoyed me less than usual (probably because of her failing at the language?). I disliked meeting Daario, but I think that was because that whole Dany/Daario storyline in the book annoyed me (though I can't remember why now -- one day I'll read the books again).

Gendry/Dragonstone/king's blood: Absence makes the heart grow fonder? I fell in love with Davos this ep (because of the reading thing? god that was so cute and I just wanted to hug him and hold him while he read). I had been indifferent at best about him before now.

I'm semi-more interested in the whole Lord of Light religion since now it seems like the god really is real. (Heh, we've seen someone healed from a deadly wound and the birth of some shadow demon thing, but I still can't bring myself to say the god is real for sure.) If it's real, are the other gods real as well? Or is it the only one? Or are these somehow tricks? (I can't see it being a trick, not with the healing...)

I loved everything about the wedding. In the books, I hadn't liked Sansa much at all, but I find I'm really liking her in the show. Joffrey is a delightful dick. Loras/Cersei made me snicker in a mean sort of way -- I should feel bad for them, but she's just so awful.

Sam/Gilly: Oh wow, this was so great. The crows, the white walker, the dragonglass. Even things like making the fire was so cute. I loved them in the book and I love them in the show.

No new ep next week. :/
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