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HBO: It's not TV, it's HBO

I forgot to stick this in the earlier post.

Oh, I so love HBO. More m/m sex than in a whole pack of slash stories! First it was Oz, with its sucky-as-heck storylines but hot and often noncon sex in every ep. Oz is over, alas, but Six Feet Under appears to be taking its place. Yummy, yummy ep last night: Not just the weekly gay sex, but a threesome! With two cute and muscle-y men and one non muscle-y. My only complaint is that unlike Oz, Six Feet Under cuts the camera away way too soon. Oz was graphic about it, Six Feet Under is... "tasteful".

Ah well. Better tasteful than nothing! And even with quick cuts, it can still be pretty nice. Mmm.

Now how's this for a quality, content-packed post?
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