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HP100 Challenge!

I love this week's challenge (and not just because it was suggested by me!).

Challenge #6: When Pigs Fly
...In this week's challenge, your character will be doing all of those wacky out-of-character things that bug us so much, or at least as many of them as you can fit into one hundred words.

Somehow I came out abusing some of my favorite characters. I feel like I should go iron my hands and slam my nose in the closet door.

Title: Revenge Taken
House: Slytherin
Words: 100 on the nose.
Characters: Filch, random students, and someone else.

Now this is more like it.

Blood. Screaming. Broken bones.

Filch is in his element.

Looking over the tops of the kids' heads, he smiles a pleased little smile as he watches them:

One of the boys has her pressed against the wall. Others are gathered around – all seem to want a piece of her. The ones who had no stomach for this turned and walked away long ago; no one has paid them any mind.

Another scream, weakening. She won't last much longer now.

Fur is, quite literally, flying.

The students are finally getting their revenge on Mrs. Norris.

Recycled title! (When Pigs Fly Challenge)
Title: Revenge Taken
House: Slytherin
Words: 100.
Characters: Hermione and Viktor.
A/N: I keep abusing the characters I like! Gah!


All of her trouble started when the students of Durmstrang arrived.

"Oh, he's so cute!"
"Think he'd ask me?"
"Why's he always here in the library?"

Hermione lowered her head to her text, trying to ignore the voices coming from the stacks around her. Sitting two tables away, Viktor appeared to be attempting to ignore them as well.

"Look at his hair! His eyes!"
"I want to marry him!"

Hermione stormed up to her feet. "Enough!" she cried as she whipped out her wand.

With him out of the way, the library would be quiet once more.

"Avada Kedavra!"

I used the same title on both of them because, not only did it fit both, I hate making up titles. Takes me longer to come up with a title than it does to write stories.

I'm expecting to make a couple more this week. I have another Hermione/Viktor one in mind, and of course I need to come up with something Peter will never do. Hm... Hee.
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