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American Idol & Tip o'the Night

People snickered and snerked at me watching American Idol (rightly so!) . But look! This is one reason why I watch it! Clay, more Clay. But more than being just cute, I get goosebumps when he sings. Just think, I started watching this show to mock the people singing, and now I like one and look forward to watching!

Tip: Back up your LJ here. I believe in backing up anything and everything that can be. Seems wise to include a LJ in that.

Oh, and this LJ user picture amuses me muchly. (The guy is actually crying.)

Oh, and the super finally arrived to pour acid down my kitchen sink... arrived at 9 PM, after I decided she wasn't going to come and I got into my, um, not-seeing-people clothing. Fun. Hopefully by tomorrow the sink will work well enough to wash my dishes. Got a greasy crock pot to scrub.
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