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Book #32: Wool and Iron Man 3

Wool by Hugh Howey.

1) Unfortunately this is only a short story, not a book.
2) It's free! Only the ebook version is free, but it's only available in ebook format, so! Click the link above to get it!

Holy cow, this was a good book story. The problem is, I can't explain too much about it without spoiling it. (And oh how much there is to be spoiled!) Something happened and people (all of humanity?) are living in silos. No one can go out. Generations have been living inside them. Someone discovers something which makes her question everything about their life inside.

Think you know how this story goes? You do not. :D

For such a short book, it sure did take me on a loop. "Oh, THIS is what's going to happen!" ", wait, THIS is happening!" "WAIT, THAT is what happened?" "...Oh my god, no, it's THAT!"

I loved the ending so amazingly much. This may be my favorite book story of the year.


I finally saw Iron Man 3. I've been paranoid about downloading things lately (my ISP has sent me a couple "We caught you" threat-filled letters), but I really wanted to see it and so I risked it this time. I think I'm likely the last person to have seen it (of the people who want to see it), but I'll put my thoughts behind a cut just in case.

All in all, I liked it, though it wasn't my favorite of the Iron Man movies. I think I liked it better than 2 (I disliked 2 quite a bit). Unlike the first movie, 3 has no rewatchability for me.

Usually I dislike "kid sidekick" characters, but I liked the one in IM3.

Other reviews mentioned being (upset|happy about) the extra suits blowing up -- I had no reaction to it at all. He can build more as needed.

Thanks to the fic I've been reading, one of the scenes I had the most feelings over was the one where his house was blowing up and all the bots were sliding off into the ocean. I'm really glad to have read the story about what happened to them, how they were rescued and reunited with Tony.

I don't know why, but before seeing the movie, I had thought I'd hate the Mandarin bad guy. Turned out I loved him (the actor-played version). The "real" Mandarin guy did nothing at all for me as a bad guy.

Like so many other comic book movies, the plot tended to fall flat for me, but I loved the characters. I hate the first Iron Man movie's plot, but I can watch it again and again because Tony is so amusing.
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