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Happy ending for an orange trees, commercials, moving

One of the big issues with my move was my orange tree. I bought it when it was a little thing, maybe six inches high. I was enthralled with the idea of owning a tree that grows oranges. I have no idea why. But, as I have a garden megastore nearly across the road from me, it was easy enough to get one. That was maybe ten years ago, and the darned thing has grown and grown since then, me repotting it again and again, until it was finally in one of those wooden slat "barrel pots". The tree was maybe four feet tall (and really needed a much bigger pot, but there's no going up from there).

My new place has a patio, but it's a three level building, so two other patios are directly above mine. Much shade, not so good for plants. Plus I really didn't want to lug the tree with me. It was more of a responsibility than anything at this point. "You want water? Again?! I just watered you last week!"

Freecycle to the rescue. Within five minutes of me making the post, EIGHT people responded asking for it! One woman said she would really like it for her school's garden, that the garden needed a tree. It was so perfect I could have cried. The tree needed to be out of a pot, I really wanted a new home for it instead of throwing it out/killing it, and hopefully kids will enjoy it. Happy ending!

I feel silly linking commercials, but some are so good they're worth sharing. Every time one of Target's new back to school commercials comes on, I not only turn towards the TV to watch, I usually dance in my chair as well.

Volcano is my favorite one.
Bike Ride is short even for a commercial, but makes me grin.
Shopping cart is great, but unfortunately I couldn't find a better quality video.

And in more general moving news: I worked physically harder today than I've worked any day probably since the last time I moved. An hour nap perked me right up though! It feels good to be getting rid of trash bags full of stuff -- two bags to the trash so far, one for donation. I need to post my second TV to Freecycle (old, pre-digital unit, but with a converter box and rabbit ears) -- Freecycle is so much easier than lugging things to be donated or thrown out!

I wish I wasn't going back to work tomorrow, I have so much to do I think my head is going to explode. The new place requires so much, everything from a photo of my cat to my last two pay stubs to renters' insurance (I never bothered with that before, they require you have $100,000 worth of it!).
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