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Book #"30": G.I. JOE: The Cobra Files Volume 1

G.I. JOE: The Cobra Files Volume 1
(Book received for free for review from Diamond Book Distributors.)

I love what IDW Publishing has done with GI Joe, and as I've been a fan of GI Joe since I was a little kid, that's saying something. I usually hate the "Hey, let's remake (insert childhood thing)!" thing, but IDW's graphic novels are true to the spirit of the original canon, just cast in an adult, darker, and way way way more realistic light.

This book introduces a new character: Chameleon. (I think she's new? I don't recall her name.) She had been a Cobra agent, but turned coat and joined the Joes (for what that's worth -- there are understandable trust issues). The whole book is seen through her eyes. I loved her character: An intelligence agent, the Joes used her to get into prisoners' heads. Since most prisoners are Cobra agents, it made for interesting interactions.

I swear, these books are going to make me love graphic novels. The artwork in this book was such a big addition to the story. The lighting, angles, so many different ways the art was used to convey emotion.

Highly recommended, especially if you're a fan of GI Joe!

Bookkeeping: This book is being included under the "Book #30" heading -- one book's worth of credit towards the year's total for all the things too short to count as their own book.

Next book: The Commodore's Daughter which looks quite interesting.

But for now, back to packing!
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