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Strange videos...

Some band named Sigur Rós is going to be doing music for the new Game of Thrones season, and since I never heard of them, I hit up YouTube and clicked the first video.

How very very odd and cool. I found I wasn't even listening to the music, the visuals were just so strange and striking. I was worried about what I was seeing at first, [I thought it was... (spoiler?)]some sort of primitive or ritualistic rape, but happily that turned out not to be the case. Not that [spoiler]human(???) sacrifice was much better, I guess? Either way, well worth seven and a half minutes to watch!

This second video is strange in a different way. Just strange-strange, what the heck were you smoking when you made this? strange.

Unfortunately part of the Internet can answer that question for you: Yiff.

Edit: Also, Amazon is just so amazing sometimes. I ordered something before work this morning, and just got an email about it:

Your guaranteed delivery date is:
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Same day delivery. For no cost. How boggling is that?
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