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Dog owners: Some of the most inconsiderate people around?

Not all dog owners are bad people. If you are a good dog owner or if you know one? YAY! Thank you! This is about all the bad ones.

My apartment is on the ground floor. Our windows are nearly floor to ceiling. The bottom of the window is about knee-high. My cat's favorite place is sitting in the window.

Unfortunately, being knee-high to the ground, every damned dog sees her. In the two weeks I've been here:

1) A dog tried to climb through my window to attack her. The owner watched. Laughing. He didn't call the dog off until I went to the window and asked him to.

2) Countless owners use Ellie to test the sit/stay of their dogs. Bringing them closer and closer, making them sit and stay (or trying to). This usually ends up with them lunging at her.

3) So many dogs off-leash (all dogs are supposed to be leashed), who run right up to the window, barking at her.

Bonus #4: Parents who bring their toddlers right to the window to see the "kitty". Hello, I'm sitting RIGHT HERE. I don't exactly like you and your kids looking right in at me.

I've never seen Ellie puffed up and hissing until we moved here. Poor girl is going to have a heart attack. I feel like putting a big sign in my window: "My cat is not entertainment for your dog." I suppose that might be unfriendly of me though...
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