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Homestretch, sort of... and $200,000!

Should be working, but my mind is balking.

Company meeting was today. Me, who tends to avoid people whenever possible, in a room approved for 75 people, packed in with 200 people. For an hour and a half. By the time it finally ended, I could hardly breathe. Can't. Take. People. So. Close. For. So. Long.

How's this for scary? We have a new product coming out. One "seat" of it (seat = one user can use it, so 'two seats' of it means two people can use it at once), for one year, costs $200,000. Let's look at that again:

One user can use it at a time, for one year only. Cost? $200,000.

We've not even finished making it yet, and someone bought a seat already. $200,000 to use a piece of software for one year. After the year, they have nothing. Man. And we've not had a raise in three years why?

(For my own protection and anyone's curiosity: This isn't giving away any super secret company information or anything because I've never told anyone where I work! (Smart of me, huh?) And of course I don't mention the name of the software product...)

I didn't get to take lunch today, which really sucks. They fed us at the company meeting (gods, what sucky pizza. Worst I have ever had.), so I didn't think I should take a lunch as well. If cow orker does (which he likely will), I'll beat him with a chair.

Now, to try to focus on work again... Sucky, sucky day.
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