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Three-part Walking Dead web series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., upstairs neighbors

AMC posted a new web series, all three parts released at once. First one:

Watching Walking Dead shows me just how much of a chicken I am. I squeaked out loud at one point, and spent most of the time through eps two and three hugging myself.

And S.H.I.E.L.D.! Eee! I liked last week's ep, but I liked this week's even more. (Other than Skye, I really dislike her a lot.)

I'm having such a hard time with the Avengers not knowing Coulson is alive though. Hawkeye especially. (Yeah, I know, fanfic is of course not canon at all, and there's no canon relationship, but still!) It feels cruel not to tell them. Mostly I try to just ignore that feeling and enjoy the show.

My apartment building was made well, sound-wise. It's nice and quiet, and most noises don't carry well. One noise does come through, but muffled enough that it's hard to identify exactly what it is. It's always right around 10 PM. It sounds like it could be:

A cat in heat.
A dog howling/whining.
A newborn baby crying.
Loud sex (a woman).

Since it only seems to happen once a day, I'm thinking it's the last one. It's right over my bed, which makes it more disturbing. I haven't crossed paths with the people upstairs yet, and I hope that continues -- I'd be quite embarrassed, even not being sure exactly what the noise is.
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