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Holy cow...

I'm actually RPing again. For the first time in... four weeks? Five? Six? Maybe more... And it's good. :)

Just a pose picked at random:
Again, Lee's words are not totally unexpected. Sly's smile grows. Though night has fallen, there's a full moon. Its silvered light catches on his teeth and the lightness of the scar across his face... but not his eyes. They're black, they're lost in the darkness. Dressed in black from head to toe, black hair, dark skin... the teen is like some sort of evil (and scarred) Cheshire Cat. Lee's words appear to amuse him. One last step, still half the clearing between them, then he stops. Shade floats down a little lower, hands positioned as if his arms were crossed, and he shakes his "head" (body) 'no' at the 'wulf. Sly's hands turn, unhurried, moving to a more natural position, palms no longer towards her; they are now more ready to be used, to grab a pokeball or an unseen weapon. Sly's smile becomes a toothy grin, and suddenly his innocent act is gone. Sheep's clothing is tossed aside, and suddenly Wolf Sly is standing there. Danger radiates off him.

I didn't play FFX tonight (been RPing since I got home... almost five hours now). Doesn't seem like a bad trade-off.

Near the end of the game, where you have to fight all the aeons you own, I was battling the sisters. The most amusing thing in the whole darned game: The very fat one sat on Wakka (there's some attack where she bounces high into the air and then sits on the foe). I just sort of stared a moment as he 'Oof!'ed, then fell to the ground under her. Then I howled in laughter. Somehow, it being Wakka made it really funny. I guess it would have been funny if it was Auron, too.

No picture of the day today. No time to resize one and FTP it into place. Gotta RP! Need to kill Lee! ;)
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