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Good TV show, bad TV show

First off, I finally got a new default icon. Nothing wrong with the old one, but I was ready for something new.

Amazon sent me a snail mail letter telling me all about the "unlimited streaming of more than 40,000 movies and TV shows", which I had already known about and used, but it also listed shows it had that Netflix didn't have. One of them was Downton Abbey. I had heard a lot of good things about it, so even though it didn't seem like a show I'd like, I checked it out.

I'm so in love with it! It's so beautiful! I love the outfits and the settings. Each room is packed with beautiful things. And the characters! Oh Mr. Bates, you seem like the nicest, most wonderful, sweetest, most perfect man ever. Once I had thought you looked ordinary, but now your face is beautiful to me. I just wish so many awful things would stop happening to you. Related: How are Thomas and O'Brien so awful? I want to push them both off a cliff.

I'm just about done with season two. I have one ep and the Christmas ep left to go, then on to season three!

And then there was the other show. I swear to god, I've never tried to like a show as much as I've been trying to force myself to like SHIELD. Tonight would have been a better ep, if not for all the promos being misleading.

I knew they were going to do it. All week the promos have been teasing that Skye was going to be kicked off the team, so I was 99% sure it would not happen, but a tiny little piece of me kept hoping it would be true. But of course it wasn't. Which only made it worse. The show dangled hope that the most annoying element of it (to me) would be removed, and that didn't happen. Cruel.

That's especially annoying since if they hadn't lied in the promos, I might have liked this ep more. It was my favorite thus far. (Also, it was the ep with the least Skye in it too, right?) I'm glad she got collared braceleted.

I do not for one single moment believe that she was a hacker and joined SHIELD and all that crap because of boohoo her parents. I'm not saying I think the character was lying, I think the writing was stupid.

Sigh. This show. I really, really want to like it. I want to support it. I want to call it the bestest thing ever. Blah. Darned show.

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