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Game of Thrones theme, saunas, hot tubs

This will be the most unique version of the Game of Thrones theme you'll ever hear (unless you've heard this online already!). I haven't watched South Park in years, so I only just saw this today. NWS song lyrics, video is safe.

It's annoyingly catching. I keep singing it to myself.

Two wieners along side yet another wiener...
Wiener wiener, wiener wiener, wiener wiener
Wiener party
Wiener wiener, wiener wiener
Soft wieners, nice and soft, not erect, wieners...

And in pool-related news:
I had no idea how dangerous saunas were. Another person collapsed at the pool today. (This time I wasn't the closest person.) 911 was called, but this time only two medics and a cop came. I'm not sure what happened with her, I was done while they were still talking.

Hot tubs! Oh my god, how have I lived my life without ever having been in one? The pool water has been colder than usual lately, so today I thought I'd step in just to see if it was a good way to warm up (the sauna's death toll keeps rising the sauna was full of people). I swear, I nearly melted. I don't know if they use salt water as well, but I was very floaty, and the jets were so strong they kept nearly pushing me off the seat (even with one not directly behind me). It was the most wonderful thing ever. I didn't want to get out! But I also didn't want to be the next person to collapse on the deck, so I did get out sooner than I wanted to. While I felt comfortable while in it, I felt overheated for the next hour, so maybe I did stay in too long.

I'm going to make time for the hot tub after I swim every day!

Unfortunately I pulled something pretty bad in my knee, so my plans of being good and swimming tomorrow are out the window. I have no idea what I pulled, but I made it worse by swimming today. (But I don't want to not exercise when something hurts, because then my brain will go HEY WAY TO GET OUT OF EXERCISING and I'll never go again.)

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah everyone!
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