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Second best version of Little Drummer Boy

I'm not big on Christmas. Long story, holidays were bad when I was a child, blah blah blah. As a side effect of that, I really, really dislike most Christmas music. I try not to be grumpy about it, but it still bothers me deep down. There are only two songs I like: Little Drummer Boy and Gloria in Excelsis Deo.

This version of Little Drummer Boy is beautiful! I can't believe their voices.

Related question: Does anyone know how you can tell if something has been autotuned? Their voices are so perfect and beautiful, I wonder how real that is. (Edit: Apparently this group, Pentatonix, won The Sing-Off on NBC, so they're probably real.)

Gloria in excelsis Deo is such a beautiful sounding phrase, it makes me wish I knew Latin.

Added bonus! Tonight only! In Excelsis Deo is the title of an episode of West Wing. Here's a video of President Bartlet from it ranting in Latin. (Latin starts at 1:12, but it's really worth watching the whole thing.)

His character was such an intelligent president. Oh how I wish he were real.
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