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Why LJ is acting up / Book #49: The Cruel Path / Book: One Woman Farm

Lots of folks on my friends list are commenting about LJ working less than smoothly the past couple days. I was leaving individual comments, but that became challenging (ironic!), so I'm going to put the information here. Hopefully everyone will see it this way!

As many folks know, LJ is now owned by Russians. It's a much, much more popular social site there than it is here. (It's Russia's #1 social networking site, over Facebook, Tumblr, and all the other ones popular here.) So it's not surprising that political figures have an account here. It's also not surprising that there are some people who don't like those politicians. Some of the people who don't like them are hackers.

In an effort to force LJ to close those accounts, the hackers launch DoS attacks against the LJ site. That's why we're seeing the issues now. I hate the site problems, but I'm glad LJ isn't giving in to the hackers.


Book #49: The Cruel Path by David Normoyle.
(Book given free for review by publisher.)

Oh how I loved this story. I thought it was a sequel to the first book (The Narrowing Path, reviewed by me back in June), but turns out it was a prequel. Also turns out it was much shorter than the original (Cruel is a novella).

It's set on the same world as Narrowing: A planet with an unstable orbit. Once every few (six?) years, the planet gets too close to the sun and all life on the surface is killed off. The only way to survive is to be below the surface, within the cave structures deep under it. The caves can only hold a limited number of people, so every six years all teenage boys need to "walk the path". Basically go out into the world and kill off all the other boys or prove themselves in some other way (trade/business, etc). Only eight kids will be permitted to enter the cave. (And adults sure as heck aren't safe either. You have to have a lot of power and influence to earn a safe place.)

Cruel Path follows three brothers. Right from the beginning you know there's going to be a problem: Of the eight kids who can enter, four are picked by the four houses, and each one of those four can pick one person to bring in with them. So there's no way all three brothers can win a place -- at the very best, only two will survive, and even that is a very long shot.

My only disappointment with the book was how short it was. I hadn't realized it wasn't a full book (e-book version), so it ended way, way, way before I was ready for it to.

It's only .99 cents on Amazon, so it would be a great way to stick your toe in the water and see if you want to jump into the series. Narrow Path is the only full book out right now, but the second one is due in 2014! Highly recommended!


One Woman Farm by Jenna Woginrich. I've been poking at this book on and off for months now, but I just can't get through it. The writing doesn't work at all for me. (As I didn't get to at least 50% into it, it doesn't count towards my 50 book goal.)
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