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Real life horror stories...

Millions of people are addicted to a drug that literally eats them alive.

There's a new drug, Krokodil, made from codeine, gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine, and red phosphorous (from matchstick heads).

...once injected it begins eating the user’s body from the inside out, causing blood vessels to burst and surrounding tissue to die. Essentially a corrosive acid with opiate effects

Krokodil gets its name because users develop scaly skin like a crocodile.

How about more disturbing Krokodil images for a Friday morning? "What was first thought to be a horrific STD infection turned out to be the effects of the 17-year old injecting krokodil directly into her genitals."

The article reports it's unlikely to become a common drug in America, but that makes it no less horrifying.
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