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- Nine hours at work
- Come home, two straight hours of laundry
- Finish laundry, one hour of food stuff (cooking, cutting strawberries, etc)
- Ate some. Pot roast sucked ass. Threw out.
- An hour to attempt to clean the kitchen with no kitchen sink (no sink since Sunday night, grr grr grr, damned building super)
- A half-hour on the phone with Citibank (which took over my account from CalFed without any choice by me), around and around the damned phone system until I finally got a real person. Said person appeared to speak no English. (If I was from India, I would have been in luck!) Gave up for the night.
- Did some promised scanning.
- It's now 10 PM, one hour before bed. Hours awake so far today: 16. Hours doing something I wanted to: *0*.

I snuck in 10 minutes before leaving work to read a fic picked nearly at random. Written for an odd ideas/pairing challenge, it's Snape meets Jesus. No matter how odd the title sounds, I actually enjoyed the story a lot. I loved the ending to pieces. It was one of the exact types of endings that I like.

I tried to read isiscolo's story on Roughside tonight, but only got a paragraph in before being interrupted. Looks interesting though, I'm looking forward to finishing it. (Can't link to it, as it was written for a fest.)

Wow, it's now 10:20. I squandered a third of my free hour with bitching. How very typical of me. :P I'd stay up an hour late to take more time for reading, but I'm so short on sleep this week that I'm making seriously bad, very obvious mistakes at work. Bad enough that it scares me. I'm hoping my boss/co worker will just think I'm on drugs, and maybe try an intervention or something...
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