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ODing on Netflix

With no work for a week or so, and nothing at all on TV in the evenings, I've been watching a lot of Netflix.

Tonight I tried Mad Men. I had very little interest going in: I have no interest in the 50s (turns out it's set in the 60s), and I knew that because it was set so long ago, that women were treated badly and everyone smoked. That's all I knew about it before trying it.

I didn't make it even six minutes into the ep.

Strike one: A man, talking to the woman he's about to marry, "Of course I love you. I'm giving up my life for you, aren't I?" Giving up his life because he's marrying her...
Strike two: Woman showing another woman her desk and the "high tech" typewriter. "I know this looks complicated, but the man who designed it made sure it's simple enough for even women to use."
Strike three: Man 1: "Have we ever hired a Jew?" Man 2: "Not on my watch."

I understand that that was normal for the time, but that does not mean I have to be exposed to it now.

I also checked out Ultimate Spider-Man, which I liked a lot. I'm only one ep into it, but I love the fun style, all the breaking the fourth wall cutaways, and of course Clark Gregg voicing Phil Coulson.

That reminded me though. Agents of SHIELD fell off my radar. I wonder if it got any better?

It's really disappointing how few new movies the streaming version of Netflix offers. All the good stuff goes DVD only, which not only has a higher membership cost but also requires you to deal with a physical disk. It's surprising how hard I have to search to find something I want to watch. Maybe I should poke around Hulu as well...
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