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2014 book: Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wars)

Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wars) by Hal Colebatch and Jessica Q Fox
(Book received free for review from Baen Books.)
Rating: 2/disliked (1-5/hated-loved)

I'm tired of books where all females are submissive, less than male characters, and usually stupid as well.

In the last book I read, Exiled: Memoirs of a Camel, every female camel was submissive nearly to the point of saying only "Yes, (name)" and "No, (name)". The male main character camel even stated if the females were anything but so submissive, there would be no use for males.

Treasure Planet had the bad luck of being the next book I read. A few posts back I commented that I had read some Man-Kzin books as a kid and wanted to see what I thought of them now, but I think I got my cat aliens mixed up; I think I had been thinking of the Pride of Chanur books. In Kzin, the female characters are literally animals -- they rub and purr and act like housecats to their mates. In Chanur, it's females who go spacefaring, the males are thought to be too wild and uncontrollable to be permitted on spaceships.

After the camel book, I just couldn't take another book that did that to the female characters.

To be fair to Treasure Planet, in it they had a genetic treatment to let the females be as smart as males, but that doesn't mean the initial issue was gone. Also, I don't blame the two authors of Treasure Planet for this -- they were working in a universe first created in 1966 by someone else.

The writing was fine, and the story seemed fine as well, but neither really caught my interest. I made it just over 10% through the book before giving up.

Next up: Nightshade City, which unfortunately isn't really hooking me either. Blah.
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