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If you skipped over Google's homepage today, you should check it out.

Especially if you like stories.
Especially if you listen to NPR.

The homepage is hosted by Ira Glass (This American Life on NPR -- long stories about people), and the stories are just like the StoryCorps segments on NPR (very short stories about an event in a person's life).

In addition to recommending the Google page, I highly recommend checking out StoryCorps (though a warning: Some of the stories will probably make you cry). This American Life is great, too.

I was all stressed out today and just didn't have the time to explore the homepage. Now I'm glad I did. Some of the stories are "heavy" (as Ira says -- very emotional, sad), but it's so worth it. A lot of them had me sniffling, but the middle blue one really got the tears flowing. (I'd suggest listening to them in order though!)

Edit: There's a How the Google Doodle was Made video, which is interesting not just for how it was made, but for all the glimpses of what life at Google is like (so many dogs!).
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