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I really should have learned the first time...

Dear Square-Enix,

I swear to god, you are the WORST company to deal with. I dealt with you for the five years I played FFXI. I should have learned. But noooo. FFXIV was on sale for half-price, $15 with a free month of play, and I had fun in the beta (until my account mysteriously vanished), so hey, $15 for a month. I could do that.

So I bought the game. Of course, for lord knows what reason, S-E requires you to make an account with the company. Should be easy enough, right? We make accounts all the time, it's simple as pie and takes minutes.

I've been trying to make my S-E account since yesterday evening. I tried to make it within the game window (as recommended). I tried to make it directly on your site. You never send me the confirmation email. I've used three different email accounts, over ten attempts total so far. (And of course I checked my spam/junk folders.)

Your instructions if I don't get the email? Try again using a "valid" address. So the gmail account I've been using for years isn't good enough? Well, how about the second one I've been also using for years?

Bah. I swear to god, I hate S-E. I want to play the game. I bought it. You have my damned money. Why, oh why, do you make people jump through such hoops? And hoops that DON'T WORK! Because you know what does work? Google. I googled this issue. Lots of people have it! It's not just me!

24 hours. If I cannot make this work tonight, I'm contacting Steam about getting a refund. (Er. Or, well, crap. "As with most software products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on games, DLC or in-game items purchased on our website or through the Steam Client.")

I haven't even played the game yet, and I'm soured on it. Nice going, S-E.

Not a single drop of love,

Edit: To contact S-E support, you need an account. $*()#_*(@#_$*@#()$*_2-

Edit 2: Exact wording of the error message, for hilariousness "If the e-mail does not arrive even after waiting a considerable amount of time, the e-mail address may have been entered incorrectly. Please try again with a valid e-mail address."
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