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Electricity... or lack thereof (happy thing #5)

Thanks, local electric company. The power went out just after 6 AM this morning, and you called me just now at 8:15 to tell me the power was out in my area. You think?

It was an annoyingly dark weekend. On Saturday night, just after 6 PM (important timing), a circuit breaker in my kitchen blew. This was a problem as it was the circuit that my fridge was on. So I called my apartment office, but apparently they close at 6. Bah! I called the 24 hour service number, but the mailbox for it hadn't been set up, so there was no way to leave a message. Double bah!

A search of my apartment and I found the breaker box. Which had been 100% painted over, sealing it closed. Handle, hinges, everything painted solid. I had to use a screwdriver and a knife to cut through the paint to struggle to open it, then my mother's electrician boyfriend walked me through resetting it.

So thing #5 that makes me happy is electricity. I never think about it much until I don't have it anymore, but it powers all the things that make me happy and make me able to function.

So here's to you, electricity, and the good things you enable in my life.
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