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Health and happy things (#6)

Doctor OKed me for going back to work full time. That's both good and bad, as I was really starting to enjoy a half-day schedule (so much free time!). And, even though my toe is awfully red, she said it's healing well and no sign of infection. Is it possible? Am I currently infection-free? So it seems! Yay!

Let's just see if I can STAY healthy. I went grocery shopping yesterday and the cashier was sick as a dog, coughing nonstop. If I had noticed earlier I would have left her lane. She handled everything of mine, including the bag (small store, couldn't bag myself). Ugh. I looked for a manager on the way out -- I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but if someone is that sick they should NOT be interacting with the public that way! Unfortunately I didn't spot one.

And on to happy things! I've been dragging my feet about this one because it's going to sound strange. It sounds strange even to me.

FFXI/FFXIV feel like home to me. Literally home, as in chest-swelling, warm feeling inside, this is where I belong sort of feeling. There's no real life place that gets a reaction even close to that. I like where I currently live, but I feel nothing for it.

I have no idea how that works. It's a game. It's not real. I've not even been playing FFXIV long (a week?), but the feeling hit me as soon as I first stepped foot there.

So, even though I've not been brave enough to even talk to anyone yet, FFXIV makes me so happy. Imagine how much happier I'll be once I take part in RP! And join a FC(guild)!

And mostly as a note for myself, I'm done with the third book of the Gone series. I'll review the whole series once I'm done, but so I remember where things started going downhill:

Gone: 5/loved
Hunger: 5/loved
Lies: 3/ok
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