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Happy thing #7: Big Brother Canada

A year ago, I would have said that just plain "Big Brother" made me happy, but the US version of the show has become a cesspool. Last season a large chunk of the cast was horribly racist and homophobic. They know they're filmed and broadcast 24/7, but that didn't stop them from such disgusting behavior. A number of them were so awful they lost their jobs while in the BB house (and didn't find out about it until after the show ended). Worst of all, the producers of the show didn't stop it, didn't even discourage it, and are doing nothing to prevent it in future seasons.

Luckily there are different versions of Big Brother. UK, Australia, and Canada to name a few. All of them have rules against racism and homophobia, so the same issues won't crop up there.

Canada's first season was last year, and they had a really nice thing: A lot of their players were older than reality TV show norm (annoyingly, most people on reality shows are in their 20s). Unfortunately this year seems to be tending towards younger people, but I have hope that Canada will go older again in future seasons.

If you'd like to check out BB Canada, the first ep of the second season is online for free. The previous season is around to download too, if you're interested.
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