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Home from the doctor: Still have all my toes (plus cooking, books)

Long story short: New infection. Doctor had to make new holes in my toe to help drain things. Hurts like heck, but that's fine so long as I don't have to go back to the hospital. It's still MRSA, but it's the "good" (weaker) form of it. On new antibiotic.

In tastier news, I'm going to make this pot roast tomorrow. Looks easy to make, and in my limited use, I've had good success with envelopes of powder. It's all put together in the fridge now, ready to plug in tomorrow morning. I'm a tad worried what the vinegar might do sitting with the onions for 12 hours (I poured it down the side instead of on the meat), but I forgot to hold it off to the side, so we'll see. Hopefully it won't transmute the onions into some form of toxic sludge or something. Cooking, so challenging. (But seriously, how do people learn about things like that? I doubt many people say hey, let's pour vinegar on various vegetables for 12 hours and see what happens!. How does one learn what's a horrible mistake and what's only minorly bad or what's okay? Vinegar is an acid and onions are strong in something harsh, I'd think mixing the two for long periods of time might be bad. Or maybe I'll get pickled onions! Seriously, cooking, so challenging.)

I hate finishing good books. I've been sad all day, knowing there was no more of the Gone series to read. Luckily he's written a crapton of other books, so I'm going to check some of them out. He and his wife are the authors of all the Animorphs books, as well as some Sweet Valley series (not High, a sidebranch of it) -- those aren't going to be the ones I check out, but just evidence of how prolific the two of them are. Though, hmm, I've never read any of the Animorphs book, so maybe I'll check one out?
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