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Review: Paula Deen Pot Roast

Okay, so this pot roast is officially called Mississippi Pot Roast, but it should be named Paula Deen Pot Roast. Who in their right mind (other than obviously clueless me) puts a whole stick of butter into a pot roast?! Why did I not question that BEFORE making it?


On the plus side, at least it came out tasting somewhere in the fine-good-interesting range -- flavor varied bite by bite, so it's hard to pin it down closer than that. I'll finish it (over the next many meals), but I won't be making it again as-is (and likely not a variation of it).

The so-called "gravy" was about 50% grease/melted butter. I skimmed off as much as I could and stuck the rest in the fridge. Tomorrow hopefully I can remove the rest and maybe make real gravy out of it (I've seen it done tons of times, never did it myself).

I keep forgetting I'm really not much of a beef fan (other than in burger form). Don't ask me how I keep forgetting that, but every time I cook beef I remember.

I need to use my crock pot more. Cleanup is so easy!

Interestingly, the onions basically disappeared. A whole big onion's worth of them!
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