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Happy thing #11

I don't think I'm unusual in being annoyed at needing to side scroll my friends page.

Used to be, it was quite the sin to make people on your friends list side scroll.

This Happy Things post keeps wanting to be written as a Thistle Bitches post instead.

This Image Resizer addon for Firefox makes me want to beat people less happy. With it, you get to fix images others didn't resize resize others' images so that they don't make you side scroll your friends page. It works on other sites as well, but I rarely need to use it anywhere other than LJ.

This post brought to you by: Posted images twice as wide as my friends list page.

Important notes:

I don't mean to call anyone out personally. Even if you currently have a big image posted, I'm not addressing this to any one person. (Lord, that would be passive-aggressive!)

I'm aware that, because of different font, resolution, page sizes, any number of features an image might look bigger for one person than another.

Most important note: I'm not trying to change what or how others post, no matter how grumpy I sound. My rule of LJ is: It's your LJ, post whatever you want (everyone else has the right to read it or not). You want to post big images? 100% your right! But I get to resize them, bitch, or whatever else I need to do to cope with them. :)

Less important note: Now that I've written this up, I no longer feel so grumpy and worry the post is too angry.

Note: This post now has more notes than post!

Happy thing #11A: Notes.


Edit: Note: New rule! All comments to this post must be left in note form.
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