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Frozen / Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

Two moves in one post! What a deal!

I finally saw Frozen. I was dragging my feet because, for reasons I didn't remember, I thought I would dislike it. Part of it is that I don't like this new style animation all movies are in nowadays (computer animation AND YOU KIDS GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN), but the rest? Who knows.

Turns out I liked it quite a bit. The music was some of the best ever in a Disney movie. The snowman was annoying, but the Internet had been telling me how annoying he was for months now, so I was expecting it; in truth, I had heard so much bad I was expecting him to be worse. I found him to be no different than the "funny" sidekick characters Disney always shoehorns into movies.

While poking around Netflix for something to watch tonight, I found Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers. Based on nothing other than the title, I checked it out. First thing I encountered was this image I've loved forever:

Turns out the movie is based on that comic book! Next thing I noticed was how god-awful the animation was, but a quick check of the wiki said it was a "motion comic" movie, not animated. That made more sense, and other than closeups of faces, the style mostly worked.

The story was great! I LOVED the ending to pieces!

[Spoilers for the ending! You should watch it instead of reading this!]
Loki, trapped by fate ('fate' is kind of shorthand for it), had to live the same life and experience the same end as every other Loki in every other world/universe/reality!

And Thor killed him! I was not at all expecting that! What a great, wonderful, horrible shock! :D

I reeeeally didn't like how Loki was drawn. He looked like an ugly old man with horrible teeth:

Though the frost giants were ugly and had horrible teeth, so I suppose they wanted to bring traits of that in. I don't need my Loki to be a sex god (but hey, if you're offering...), but I don't like him to be too ugly, either. (The animation motion comic style only made it worse.)

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers is free on Netflix and likely other places. It's very much worth watching!
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