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Sleep Study: Go!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I get to do this at home instead of having to sleep there (YAY). That will make a lot of difference. It also doesn't look as bad as it might have been.

I met with a tech today to learn how to do it.

1) I have never in my life met someone with worse breath. I swear to god, it must have been years since he last brushed his teeth. An hour after I left, I could still taste the smell. I was stuck in a tiny room with him (closet-sized office) for a half hour.
2) Very rarely I've seen medical people with very small visible tattoos. This guy had about a dozen visible ones. None awful, but none very good.

He showed me the instruction sheet and then walked me through how to do everything. He actually told me I was taking too many notes... What the heck? I don't want to have to do this a second time! There are a whole lot of things to attach, but I think once done (it takes 20-30 minutes to set up) it won't be too awful to sleep in.

I am worried about how clean the items are. They have to go against my bare skin and I suspect they don't clean it between uses... (Lots of canvas/cloth straps and stuff.)

Here's all the stuff. Forgive the unmade bed:

1, 6) Big straps, one goes around chest, one goes low on your stomach.
2) Hard to see, but two things you tape to your lower legs.
3) The recording device.
4) The clear tubing that you have to stick into your nose (Worst part!).
5) Clips to your finger (oxygen monitor).
7) Stuck to the center of your chest.
8) Electronic something, 1-7 feed into it, output to the recording thing.

I also have a form I have to fill out in the morning (need to look at it tonight still).

Tomorrow morning I have to drop the whole kit back to them, then in a few days I get the results.

Other than the tech, this all seemed really interesting. I just hope I can sleep tonight...
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