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I'm so bad!

To everyone who doesn't have a reply to a comment left: I'm sorry!

Feet_biter: I liked your comment to my thing about the big SA post! Don't think I didn't just because I haven't replied yet! I agreed with a lot of it, I just need time to write something back.

Sprite: Yeah, I have to look at some sort of rearranging my MUSH work. Now that we have two more staffers, I'm going to give up some stuff. (But look for a post! This isn't the forum for this.)

Tersa: I'm next to giving up on crock pot-tery. I've not had a meal come out well in two weeks, and a couple weren't worth eating at all. Or maybe I'll just take a break from it or something...

To anyone else: I know there are people I'm forgetting. I have emails of the comments. I'll reply eventually! Gah!

To anyone: I need to buy a new damned TV. I do not want to deal with Fry's. Would Target work? Or should I find an electronics store or something?

The ONS (while long, it's still going on) worked out well. The rest of the TP should be cool. (Heh heh heh.)

Almost 10 PM. Running around like a rabid rabbit. Gah!
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