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Sleep study does not include much sleep, does include much annoyance

First off, have a cat, from the ru_cats_daily comm:

Second, I'm really, really annoyed. And tired, but annoyed is the important part here. The instructions for using the sleep study equipment SUCKED. I have no idea if I successfully set the recording device on or not -- if not, I have to do it all again another night.

There were two screens, one for standby, one for record. One had an icon of a lock and nothing else. The other had an icon of a person with blinking bits where the bands go as well as a spinning circle thing (looked like a hard drive or something recording). One would think the one with the spinning circle was the recording screen, but the tech said he left it in standby and the spinning circle one was the one displayed. But how could a lock be for recording? Unless it was locked in case you rolled over in the night and your weight pushed a button...

I'm so annoyed. Really, I am. I don't want to do this again. I realized why I still smelled the guy hours after I had gotten home -- the case all this came in smelled like him. (And I had it on my bed, ugh!)

Not to mention, I got even less sleep than I usually do. Blah. So long as it actually recorded, I can cope with the lack of sleep.

I HOPE if it didn't record they'll discover it and call me today, so if I go a day without a call I can relax. However, he said it would take days to process, so if they don't look at it until they start working on it, it might not be today. :/
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