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Blue Apron meal #3: Whole Wheat Spaghetti & Zucchini

Recipe here.
Time: About 30 minutes (goal!)
New foods: Whole wheat spaghetti (though had whole wheat pasta before in other forms)

This was the recipe I was least looking forward to. I've never had any success with whole wheat pasta, it always ended up tasting too heavy and thick and just ruining anything I put with it. I don't recall ever having zucchini and it's not really high on my list of things to try. I've had pesto before (and liked it), but never with spinach.

Add onto that list that I've spent major time and effort cooking in the last couple days, and a MAJOR craving for pizza, and I almost tossed this whole thing out instead of trying it.

I decided to just make the pesto, then I could save it for some other time. Then I decided to cook half of the pasta just to see what it was like. I was going to combine the two, but that ended up not happening. After the pasta was cooked, I added a little butter to it and tried it. It hadn't tasted anything like it had previously, it tasted "normal", so I decided to just eat it that way.

I'm starting to question how healthy these meals are. Even without the zucchini, less than half of the pasta was a big heap of it on a normal sized dinner plate -- probably three to four times as much pasta as one should have in a meal.

So, even though I ate some of it, I have to call this one a fail. Bad track record for this week! Next week should be better.

I forgot to post the pictures with my first Blue Apron post, so belatedly here they are:

Everything sent for the week:

Those brown bags contain all the little things, like cheeses, spice mixes, little bottle of vinegar, etc. These are the fixings for three meals for two people, cost of $60. The box it was sent in was amazing, so strong! I'm going to keep as many as I can, to use in future movings. The cold packs were great, too -- wish I had a bigger freezer so I could keep them. All in all, the packaging of this stuff is really high quality and well done.

You get a nice recipe card for each one, laminated to protect it from kitchen messes:
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