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Happy Thing #15, Blue Apron

I'm really falling down on this Happy Thing effort, but it's more because I post happy things and forget to number them than for lack of happy things. (How did I not count that Japanese gum video of the cat carrying the man to work? That still makes me happy after countless viewings! And Hannibal is currently eating my brain (haha), that should have totally made the list!)

Happy Thing #15: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and Niel D. Tyson. First off, that man all but makes me melt. Not only is he good looking and has a wonderful voice, but his intelligence is the most attractive thing about him! I could listen to him talk science forever (me and the rest of the world, I know).

The show itself makes me so very, very happy. It's like the best times in school, learning interesting things in interesting ways. Even though some of what he covers is familiar, I'm more than happy to hear about it again.

I'm happy to see that, at least according to one source, its ratings are pretty good. Though I still boggle to hell and back that it's on FOX networks, I hope they'll keep airing it even if the ratings get worse, just because of what it is. (Long shot, I know.)

Blue Apron: Two good meals this week, one that I'll likely have to skip on making.

Swedish Meatballs & Braised Kale, with Lingonberry Jam & Creamy Mashed Potatoes: I've never had kale any other way than as chips, but I'm willing to try it. Everything else should be MMM!

Chicken, Baby Artichoke & Spinach Casserole with Gouda Béchamel: Never had artichokes (even though they have a thistle in them!), never had gouda, but the meal sounds interesting and I'll try it.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Stewed White Beans, Gremolata & Brussel Sprouts: Everything about this one sounds eh. First off, they sent me a whole butternut squash -- I'd likely cut off at least one finger trying to hack it apart. Second, I'm kind of iffy on beans after last week. The Gremolata sounds good, but I don't think I've ever had brussel sprouts before. I have a couple ideas for this one: I could go out and buy the pre-cut butternut squash and otherwise follow the recipe. My other idea is to roast the brussel sprouts and make the sauce, but toss out the squash and beans part of the recipe. (Not literally toss out -- I'd rather not waste food if I don't have to. I'm not sure if it would be weird if I brought it to work to try to give it away though...)

I wish they sent more instructions with the food. They send a ton of vegetables and herbs, but give no indication of which should go into the fridge (so I generally put most everything in there). I continue to be impressed with the amount you get for the price -- the price is higher than I would like, but I don't think it's out of line for what you get. The box weighs 15 pounds and has to be shipped fast since there's raw meat in it (packed in ice). The only way they could be making money off all this is that they buy in bulk and split it up.

For me, it saves money because, for example, otherwise I'd have to buy a whole bundle of mint when I only need a couple sprigs -- they send the exact amount you need.

I'm really impressed with how well packed and labeled everything is. So many little bottles, plastic containers, and things in ziplock bags of every size. I don't like cooking, but opening the box is like Christmas: You take out item after item after item, seemingly never getting to the bottom of the box, everything carefully wrapped up and new, and it's all just for you.

The one complaint I have is I wish they let you pick your meals. They have six options per week, but you don't get to pick the three you want. I'm guessing it has to do with the weight of your final box and the cost on their end.

I'll probably cook a meal tomorrow night. I don't want to end up having to cook three times in a row over the weekend again, that was too much.
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