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Happy Thing #16: Pocketfuls

Pocketfuls are "upcycled" matchboxes, made by webmyrcury. She hand-paints each one based on a theme, character, or idea you supply, then fills the box with little matching things. They're beautiful, tiny, and oh so cute!

I loved the beach example she had posted, so asked for one like that but with a different inside. I wanted more sea/sky/gulls on mine, and got just that!

My cellphone camera does it NO justice. The sand and "foam" sparkle like real sand would, the water is many shades of blue, and the sky is beautiful.

The inside is jam-packed full of little trinkets (so many I could hardly pack them all back in!).

Slightly blurry, but it's full of shells, smoothed bits of colored glass, a piece of drift wood, and other things:

That's all sitting on a napkin, and the box is a matchbox, so you can picture how tiny it all is!

Each one costs $10, which includes postage. Seems more than worth it for me! Her post offering them here.
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