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Buffy the Demon Slayer! That's me!

I had a nightmare last night that people kept thinking I was Buffy the vampire slayer, so they would send all the demons they could find my way. I couldn't handle one, and they just kept sending more. (No, no stress symbolism there!)

Worst of all, I woke myself up from the nightmare, but apparently didn't wake myself up enough. Fell asleep. Nightmare continued.

Woke myself up again. Tried to really wake up. Went to sleep. More demons!


Got one demo-- eh, task beaten today. Took nearly six hours, but I got enough of our MUSH's website recreated on Catlove. I had no idea it would take so long. It did not help that the network bitched at me the whole time, and attempting to FTP was a nightmare. Looks like I moved about 80 Mb of text files and some graphics. Man.

My brain is fried. I'm just sitting here, staring at the screen, trying to think of what else I wanted to write about, but nothing's coming...

I asked about taking some vacation time. I hope hope hope it will be approved. (I have tons of hours, but we have a small group and so taking time is hard.) I know I just took a "vacation" a few months ago, but it really wasn't one. I need time alone, not having to do stuff, and being alone. Alone. Did I mention being alone?

I'm going to put off TV/pot shopping (eh, cooking-type pots) until I know about my vacation. If I get it, then I'll just deal with shopping then.
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