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Bariatric surgery: Passed the psych exam, "failed" the sleep study

I'm so annoyed. I just got a call from the sleep study people, they didn't get enough data to know if I have anything or not. I asked her why not (because, while I didn't sleep that much, I know I slept 4-5 hours, which darned well should be enough), she couldn't tell me. Thanks, so helpful, now I'll know for next time if I set something up wrong or if the straps weren't tight enough or I messed up the recording or if I just need to sleep more.

They couldn't even reschedule me until May, which pisses me off even more, since now I need to think about it until then. I'm so annoyed.

Psych eval went well. She asked me basic health questions, questions about my past, eating history, social life, family history, all the expected stuff. She said I would benefit from therapy, which is about the biggest understatement in the history of understatements. I asked her at the end if I passed, and she laughed and said "Of course!" or something like that.

I had been feeling pretty good, I've almost finished jumping through all the hoops they require, until I got the call about the sleep study. Grrrrrrr. Now I'm just pissed.
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