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Kill, Pussycat! Kill!

It is now 11:07. I should be in bed and sleeping soon.

This won't be happening anytime soon.


Idiots are doing CONSTRUCTION in the apartment next to mine. At 11-fucking-PM.

I sent two emails to the building owner (no answer on the phone). I just went over to talk to the workers to point out that 'OH LOOK! IT'S 11!', but they need to get this damned job done fucking today.

This is nothing new. They do work over there at 8 AM on the weekend. Working until 10 PM is normal. But after 11? GROWL.

I am so angry that even if they left right this moment, I'd never sleep.

I looked at postings for new apartments this evening (even though I hate moving). I can get a two bedroom for nearly the same price I'm paying now. Funny thing is, I seriously looked at moving into the complex that Rory is moving out of. They're cheaper than here for a one-bedroom, I can have a cat, and they have in-unit washers and dryers.

I'm just so pissed and so tired now. I never get enough sleep on normal nights, and they're over there HAMMERING. It's really such a good thing I do not own a gun.
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