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Take the Poo to the Loo (and other links)

- India has a problem. When someone's got to go, apparently they just pull down their pants and do their business, no matter where they are. In an effort to address this health-impacting issue, the UN has created a video. It's surprisingly catchy for being about singing, dancing poop.

Technically work safe, though lyrics have a curse in them (bet you can guess which one!) and of course it's about poop.

I now have the Take Your Poo to the Loo song stuck in my head. Thanks, India.

- I've never played Jenga before. Heck, I've never even seen it played outside of a television commercial, but I still bet that this version is probably a lot more entertaining. Extreme Jenga, played with 600-pound blocks:

- I'm surprised no one has created a site like this before now. Coloring Book Corruptions -- they make coloring books fun! corrupt innocent coloring book pictures.

The images are large, so click the cut to see samples.

- And lastly, apparently I really should be watching Community. They did a special opening for one of their episodes. Community meets GI Joe:

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