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Three things make a post?

1) After being in the high 80s/low 90s for a couple days, today is beautiful! Supposedly it got up to 81 at some point, but I had my windows open all day and it never got too hot. It's cool and wonderful now, and I don't even mind the young kids being loud right outside my window.

I am, however, so envious of all the people going into the complex pool. I'm resisting until after my surgery; I can't risk getting more infections, no matter how low the risk.

2) I feel like a big slacker for "working" from home today, but today was free bagel/donut day at work, free unlimited pastries. My willpower isn't strong enough to resist unlimited free baked goodies. :/ Sure was a nice day to stay home though! (Edit: Having one wouldn't be a problem, but my issue is stopping at one. It really is unlimited, if you wanted a dozen donuts, there are plenty, you could take that many and have bagels, baked things, and other sweets as well!)

3) I know I have a lot of gamers on my friends list, so you might be interested to know that jsciv works for Blizzard as a programmer for WoW (recent changes mean they're permitted to tell people that now). I'm hoping for lots of interesting stories!
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