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Games, games, and more games

Remember that great trailer for the zombie game? Dead Island? It was really popular for a while:

Today I was linked to the greatest thing ever. The trailer for a goat simulator game that spoofs that great zombie trailer:

And in non-trailer game news: For the first time in forever, I've become an officer in a game again. After running the MUSH for so long, I was trying to just be a player (all the fun and none of the stress!), but my FC (guild) in FFXIV lost both of its officers, so someone else stepped up, and then hired a PvE and RP officer from within the player ranks. Out of all the people who didn't want the position, I didn't want it the least, so it ended up on my shoulders. I'm half-worried I'll stress myself out like I did with the MUSH, and I'm half-worried I'll just outright suck at it and ruin the RP (which is the main focus of the FC). Luckily all the players are great, and the other staff members are great, so hopefully it will work out.

Also: Got all crafts to 50 (except cooking, blech cooking), and all gathering jobs to 50. Bard is 43 and might actually hit 50 sooner rather than later. I'm rolling in game money, which hopefully will be useful when personal housing comes. Between my money and having all the crafts leveled, I should be able to have spiffy things.
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